Athletic Track

The company has good experience in manufacturing Synthetic Flooring Systems. The ranges of HI sports surfaces are tough & durable high performance cushioned seamless polyurethane systems. This system complies with the current international performance standards by various international sports federations.

HI Sports outdoor surfaces have a certification system for athletic equipment & synthetic track product. The certification program includes a specific definition of a testing requirement, which ensure tighter controls on the use of official designation authorized IAAF for Athletic products & limit for the duration of agreements for the use of such IAAF designations.The surfaces depends on the product chosen.

The surfaces basically two – layered & if either water permeable & interminable. The permeable surfaces is structurally sprayed with a polyurethane layer on an in – situ polyurethane bonded rubber granulate sub – base. Whereas the impermeable surface is made full depth polyurethane broadcast with EPDM granules on an in – situ polyurethane bonded rubber granulate sub – base. An all-weather surface suitable for various outdoor sports games that are easy to maintain & resurface when required.