Basket Ball Court

Our synthetic sports flooring system we design for Basket Ball   courts are made of synthetic rubber with proper coushining and hardness.These flooring are anti fungal, anti microbial and u/v  resistant with a life span of 15 to 20 years.In addition this floorings are maintenance free.The system ensures that there is no impact on knees,  feet, shins as well as ankles.

We offer widest range of basketball surfaces, both for indoor & outdoor applications.  The various surfaces offered are suitable for competitive play & are FIBA certified. For indoor viz. Wooden Flooring, polyurethane seamless, vinly flooring and for Outdoor viz.  Acrylic flooring, rubber flooring, polyurethane seamless.The options that we have make sure that the customer gets exactly what he wants based on his budget & requirements.